The Power Of Us

AVALO-energy is a crowd-based network of independent users that support a green energy community, build on blockchain technology.

Our slogan is The Power Of Us. It means together we are strong and it tells us that energy belongs to all of us. Become a part of it. Become a part of this power and help us to promote and harness renewable energy sources in Europe and worldwide.

AVALO Token (AVTO) Sales

The holding period for free bonus tokens ends at 100%.

Our Vision

AVALO’s vision is to sustainable supply its customers with 100% green power from renewable resources only. In order to minimize blackout risks AVALO intends to build fully decentralized power grids, at the same time optimizing resource usage.

AVALO is going to eliminate all the middlemen in the process and build an E-PowerPayment. AVALO-Coins will be the future currency for peer-to peer payments for energy as well as to get paid with for produced energy. Thanks to AVALO, blockchain based smart contracts between B2C and B2B consumers and producers will be possible already in the near future.

In order to achieve the next development goals and to involve our community at an early stage, the IEO (Inital Exchange Offering) started on 8.10.2019 with the AVALO Token (AVTO). Whitepaper & token release was on Sept. 30, 2019.

What is the AVALO Token?

AVALO-energy is a power supply project that aims to combine the future oriented blockchain technology with a smart and environmentally friendly use of renewable energy.

The focus is the price reduction of energy generated by natural resources: it needs to be brought down to the low price level of energy from conventional fuels like gas and coal or nuclear power plants. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is meant to finance this project. Become a part of AVALO so that jointly we can make our world a better, greener, smarter and more environmentally friendly place!

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We Bring together Electricity & Blockchain Technology

AVALO-energy understands the need for modern energy concepts and is developing solutions for private consumers and industry. The environmentally friendly energy supply plays a central role. Intelligent networks, blockchain technology and the specially developed AVOLO Box (see Whitepaper) will not only change awareness of energy in Europe, but will also trigger a technological revolution.

Are there any doubts that everybody needs electricity today and also in the future? Of course not. On the contrary, the amount of consumers as well as electricity consuming machines is increasing almost daily. And so is the prices. Last but not least, we are talking about recurring revenues here instead of starting from zero every new year.

Not only will technology become more resource friendly, but the way we pay for energy, and even the way we are paid for it, will change dramatically. Banks will no longer be needed for these processes in the future because energy will be billed in real time for production and consumption on the blockchain. AVALO-energy will be a driving force in this disruption process in Europe and offers its community members the unique and lucrative opportunity to be a part of this movement.

Buy AVALO Token (AVTO) here

In the initial phase of the IEO, AVALO relies on decentralized trading platforms. Anyone who wants to support AVALO in its vision can buy AVALO tokens there via ETH.

Affiliates and AVALO license owners can exchange collected AVALO coins into AVALO Tokens (AVTO) by using AVALOs back office. This requires an ERC-20 capable Ethereum wallet.

The AVTO on Github

GitHub is the largest online service providing software development projects on its servers. The AVALO-energy development team has published the AVTO (ERC-20 Token) there for everyone to see.

Not only the AVALO Token (AVTO), but also future blockchain projects and their source code will be published by AVALO-energy at Github.


AVALO Partner - e:mondo
emondo energy

emondo is our strong partner in the energy sector and is committed to renewable energy throughout Europe.

ESS Energy & Sales Services GmbH

ESS is a tech company from Germany (Berlin), which specializes in IT and sales processes in the energy industry. The company offers automated payment processing, sales monitoring, big data analysis, resource optimization and powerful marketing solutions.

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AVALO Community

What Stage are we at?

June, 2014 Platform Idea
The origin of AVALO platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
May, 2015 Elaboration of Platform
Elaboration of AVALO platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Attracting of first investments to hire software developer. Development of the first AVALO BackOffice application. Development of the AVALO Crowd business crowd model.
November, 2016 Film Production
Production of 'My AVALO Story' in different languages.
January, 2017 Release BackOffice 2.0
Development and release of the new BackOffice version including marketing features.
March, 2017 1st Crowd Member
Final release of AVALO Crowd including BackOffice and Landing Pages. AVALO-energy welcomes it's first Crowd member.
March, 2017 Crowd Activity in 14 Countries
AVALO sets the course for a Europe-wide crowd.
April, 2017 100th AVALO Crowd member
June, 2017 New BackOffice Design
The birth of a new BackOffice version with even more online marketing features.
December, 2017 2.000th Crowd member
New features in the BackOffice P5 accelerate the crowd growth like a virus.
August, 2018 Community Education
AVALO accelerates the growth of the crowd with the training of its members.
October, 2018 AVALO visits Bolzano and has presents in his pocket
New AVALO BackOffice Accounts, the campaign and new Coins Bonus promotions are introduced.
November, 2018 New GC Wallet
Release of the new AVALO Gold Coins Wallets with individual transactions.
December, 2018 AVALO Crowd Messenger
Start of the beta phase for the AVALO PinBoard.
December, 2018 Introducing our new Commission Plan
January, 2019 Official start of our new Commission Plan
More commission for all AVALO-crowd members.
April, 2019 Further Development
Further development of AVALO Crowd (20,000 members, starting smartphone wallet app development, release of AVALO CrowdWalk).
Q4 2019 Whitepaper Release
Q4 2019 AVALO Box Prototype 1
Blockchain based hardware product by AVALO.
Initial Exchange Offering
2020 Start of Pre-Sale
Pre-sale for the AVALO Box.
2020 Development of our Stable Coin
2020 Development of AVALO Box Features
Check out our whitepaper for all details.